Newark Cosmetic Dentistry Then and Now: A Look Back In History

Chair-side bleaching, porcelain veneers, invisible braces—these dental procedures represent cosmetic dentistry as mankind knows it today. But this specific practice in dentistry, like anything else, began way back in history and has been through several trials and setbacks before it has been perfected as its treatments appear today.

Take a walk down memory lane and observe how much these cosmetic dental processes in New Jersey have grown and what more humanity can expect from them just a few years from now.

From Unimaginable Primitive Teeth Whiteners to Innovative In-office Bleaching

Before Zoom Whitening technology swept the cosmetic market by storm with its promising thousand watts pearly whites, and even before the introduction of mouth trays for at-home teeth bleaching, first century Romans and Egyptians were inventive enough to come up with one of today’s most unthinkable remedy for whiter teeth: ammonia.

Specifically, Romans brushed their teeth with their own, un-medicated urine while the Egyptians were hygienic enough to use vinegar toothpaste instead. Either way, this discovery has become the basis for today’s teeth whitening procedures.

The acidic and abrasive properties of ammonia cleaned the tooth’s shiny and hard surface called enamel of its stains and discolorations. However, the chemical compound was so strong that it weakened the tooth over time as layers of enamel were scraped out along with the stains. This paved the way to the innovation of safer and more effective bleaching techniques that are available today in Newark NJ, including quick laser bleaching and tastier whitening toothpastes.

From Symbolic Dental Bridges and Crowns to State-of-the-art Veneers

In another part of the western hemisphere, third century Etruscan women of Italian ancestry introduced the use of dental bridges and crowns, although not particularly for purposes of aesthetic improvement and neither were they intended fortooth restoration.

The wealthy and powerful women of the ancient history demonstrated their unreachable status in society by wearing golden and sometimes bronze tooth bridges and crowns. So much for a fashion statement, considering that the materials used don’t even nearly match the teeth’s natural white hue.

It wasn’t until the late 1900’s when porcelain crowns made up of brittle and white ceramic material were invented to restore broken, chipped, cracked, and discolored teeth to their original healthy and beautiful state.

Fast forward to the close of the twentieth century—porcelainveneers have become instant trends in restorative dentistry for their thin dimension yet highly resilient property against tension and pressure. Not only did they take style to a whole new level, they’ve upgraded smile reconstruction to a much higher degree.

From Showy Metal Braces to Invisible Teeth Aligners

Correction of teeth alignment has proven to exist longer than any other dental cosmetic procedure mentioned above. In pre-historic times of the Egyptian civilization, men and women wore threads and metallic bandson their teeth that were supposed to move the teeth to their desired positions.

Orthodontic procedures that bonded metal brackets directly on teeth became a reality by 1970’s, after which its dramatic success led scientists and researchers to further develop the technology in today’s clear braces: translucent teeth aligners made up of thermoplastic material that are invisible as well as strong—enoughto cause teeth shifting.

Cosmetic dentistry dates back to several millennia ago yet it has rapidly evolved only in the last couple of decades. It is an undeniable fact that researches are still underway not only to enhance one’s smile outside, but also to maintain teeth’s wellness inside for a very long period.

Everything You Need to Know About Dental Implant Technology in NJ

Millions of American citizens lose their tooth every day, and among the most advanced solutions today for such problem are dental implants. Are you a candidate for such tooth replacement procedure? There are basically only three (3) factors that you need to consider: requirements, the process, and costs.

Tooth Implant Requirements

Of course, the chief pre-requisite that should be met for this treatment is the dental health. Are you missing a tooth due to an extraction procedure or did you lose one from a traumatic injury? If the tooth is still there but the crown or exposed top does not look good, the dentist may not advise a dental implant solution for your condition. The primary consideration for tooth implantation is the loss of the tooth root, which can be explained why by its treatment process.

An implant dentist in Newark NJ can best determine your qualification for a dental implant treatment by also observing the wellness of your oral cavity. He’ll check the surrounding gums of your missing tooth, as well as its neighboring teeth, for gingivitis or periodontal diseases, which could hinder the success of the procedure.

In addition, he’ll take into account your overall health, which can complicate your treatment process if you’re suffering from dental fear or anxiety, uncontrollable gag reflexes, or cardiovascular and/or blood diseases since this is an invasive surgical tooth operation.

Tooth Implant Procedure

Osseointegration is the foundation of dental implant process. It follows the same principle as bone implantation; wherein the metallic Titanium screw is embedded with the living bone tissues, as the biocompatibility of the element with live cells allow the non-living matter and living organisms to exist harmoniously together.

The treatment procedure usually takes place in three (3) stages: the root integration, abutment or post attachment, and prosthetics replacement. In the first stage, the missing tooth’s root is replaced with the Titanium screw and the metallic material is left to grow or integrate with the surrounding tissues. This is why it is extremely important that the tooth has been completely extracted prior to the treatment.

Since there is a need to expose the root by making an incision through the gum, the area is left to heal first fully before attaching the abutment, which is supposed to hold the tooth crown or prosthetics in place. This healing period takes months, although advancements today have introduced one-day implants in which both screw and abutment can be embedded on your jaw in the same day and both are left to settle in almost the same healing period.

Tooth Implant Costs

There are three (3) factors that affect the pricing and affordability of a dental implant treatment: the Titanium screw, the prosthetic or artificial tooth, and the professional performing the procedure. The first two have fixed price ranges of $800-$2,500 and $600-$1,500 per tooth respectively. The third, meanwhile, depends on the set of skills and certifications received by the dentist—naturally, the greater the expertise, the most costly.

However, you should be keen in choosing the oral health practitioner who will perform your dental implant procedure. There are dentists in and out of New Jersey that offer this treatment at a lower price than the market rate but with the same, and sometimes even better, quality.

Dental implants provide tremendous benefits in the long run that no other tooth replacement method could possibly match. Their two (2) primary advantages over dentures and bridges are durability and comfort. Considering their resilience against deterioration for decades, the months of discomfort in healing are surely worth the trouble.

Fortunately, this technology is now available in the state of New Jersey, particularly in Newark. Several dentists’ offices are offering this treatment, and you can’t go wrong consulting with the top dental implant dentists in the city. Visit today their clinics and see for yourself the difference.

Top Cosmetic Dentist Newark NJ

Cosmetic dental treatments are targeted at enhancing the overall appearance of the individual. Other than the typical dental solutions, there are cosmetic therapies that are made available to the people. The typical belief is that cosmetic dental treatments are very expensive but you can actually discover cost-effective cosmetic dental professional. Today, more people are looking for ways on how they can improve the appearance of their smile but they want it at the least possible price. If you will consult with the dentists in NJ, and anywhere in world, you will discover different dental treatments that are available for you. The most typical of which is whitening. This procedure helps the appearance of stained, discolored teeth. The second most typical treatment is dental veneers. This procedure addresses chipped, uneven and deformed tooth or teeth.

If you are from New Jersey, finding a top cosmetic dentist Newark, NJ would be relatively easy considering the more than a thousand dental offices in the place. Nevertheless, you will find the best dentist in New Jersey through buying a dental insurance. While the costs of these insurances are high, you may likely uncover the top cosmetic dentist Newark, NJ that you are looking for through the suggestions of your insurance company. You may also discover the lowest priced dentist in NJ through buying a dental discount plan that best suits your needs.

The top dental practitioners in Newark and other cities in NJ usually become a member of a network of dental practitioners. Membership fee of no more than $90 for individual and $120 for family are required however. The advantage is that you get to choose any dental professional within the network once you became a member of the plan. This is valuable since it allows you to ask what cosmetic techniques they complete and evaluate and compare the prices of their cosmetic dental services.

If you are looking for the top cosmetic dentist Newark, NJ, an alternative is partaking in dental missions in the area. These activities are generally provided by the not-for-profit organizations which basically benefit the public, most of which cannot afford even the simplest dental procedures. You can be sure that all of the dental practitioners doing these activities are accredited. While the participating dentists New Jersey are general practitioners, you can observe at the event to view and look for a potential cosmetic dentist. You will never know but the top cosmetic dentist Newark, NJ that you are looking for is actually a free dental service provider during dental missions. You have to particularly know their experience and competence though.

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